Top 25 best looking games on Android

It’s an old video game truism that graphics aren’t everything. And while we’d wholesomely agree with that here at PG, let’s not be too hasty to dismiss the import of high quality visuals.

Good graphics make a game more appealing and more accessible, drawing you in while you learn that game’s systems. But they can also do more than anything to sell you on the game’s world and and its fiction.

And there’s such a lot of scope to video game visuals these days. From photorealistic racers to lushly animated platformers, via a new breed of highly artistic narrative experiences, you’ll find a bounteous variety of good looking games on the Google Play Store.

Narrowing this list down has been pretty tricky as a result of this variety. But if a game has a cohesive, wholly convincing art style that serves its gameplay and premise to a tee, it’s in with a shout.

Of course, another truism is that art is subjective, so your ‘best looking Android games’ might not be the same as ours. Let us know which games you like to gawp at in the comments below.

Credit: Top 25 best looking games on Android