Changing History With Video Game Technology

How video game technology has changed

Video games are an old source of entertainment that has continued to morph with the times. They actually began around the 1950s. During that time video game technology was used as an aid to research, training and instruction in universities and large corporations. They usually were developed for single events and were destroyed after use.

The first computer games were static displays for playing such games as tic-tac-toe, chess and checkers. They used simple graphics that would be considered boring by today’s standards. Nevertheless, video game technology kept evolving and so did their popularity with the general public.

The first computer game to become widely available was a game called “Spacewar!”. It was created by a group of university students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Depicting a battle between two spaceships, it had its own control box. As science fiction was popular at the time, the game was introduced to other students at MIT and along the West Coast. Soon to catch fire across the country!


Reducing The Cost Of Video Games

Video games of the 1960s and 1970s were still too costly to be included in the average home, because computer components were expensive. However, the popularity of “Spacewar!” didn’t miss the eye of vendors. They then began opening video arcades with coin-operated machines.

Game machines were created with light displays and fantastic sound effects that the ordinary person could play with the drop of a coin. These became a favorite meeting place for entertainment.

Companies like Magnavox and Atari began developing dedicated consoles inexpensive enough to buy and use at home in the late 1970s. Games such as pinball were stored on cartridges that could be plugged into game consoles and played in privacy. Arcade video games were becoming more and more refined as well, netting billions of dollars for many types of business owners.

Home computers began to become mainstream in the late 1970s as well, and with them the introduction of computer games that could be played. Amateur game developers began emerging with floppy disks of computer games to sell to local shops. Others started their own direct mail businesses to consumers.

By 1983 the video gaming market became flooded with poor quality games, which resulted in a market crash in the United States. However, out of the ashes the Nintendo was born in Japan, and later came to America. By the 1990s 3D animated video games became popular for computers and game consoles alike.

Video Game Technology Today

Today, sophisticated mind-blowing video games can be played on the laptop, iPad or mobile phone. Today’s games are increasingly interactive, encouraging gamers to compete with others online or become totally absorbed into virtual space themselves.

The newest video games often consist of multiple tiers of competitive levels, providing long term entertainment that is highly addictive. Gamers seeking to increase their proficiency can download strategy guides to help. They can access game reviews online telling them the best games to download for maximum enjoyment.

Video game technology has truly pushed gaming and graphics into its own unique space as an American pastime.Gaming offers just about anyone the delight of hours of entertainment for very little money.