Mass Effect Andromeda Game Key

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It has been quite some time since Bioware closed the door on their RPG series. Most will agree that the ending was very disappointing and controversial. At this point we are happy to discover that the beloved series is due to return with new graphics, features and settings. You can pre-order the Mass Effect Andromeda game key below.

We are happy to find out that there will be some sort of multiplayer. A few months ago we found information that referred to a new multiplayer mode, a strike team mode and new missions. After looking into this a little further one would assume that these new team missions can be played by your self or even up to three people in order to gain rewards.

One of the new modes will be separate from the main game and will provide a classic but yet a high end shooter experience. You will also be able to earn currency that will be able to be used in a single person campaign.

Mass Effect Andromeda Game Key Excitement

At this point in time, it seems as if there will be the presence of two new species. One of which is called the Kett and the other is the guardians. These will be the two major players of the Andromeda galaxy and you will have turned up right in the middle of a great conflict.

We can only assume and it is really hard to say if one would be forced into choosing a side. It may also be a possibility that you will have a chance to join forces while trying to establish a dictatorship for the righteousness of mankind.

Mass Effect Andromeda Ending

One of the biggest questions surrounding the ending controversy of Mass Effect 3 is, what is the plan in handling the best ending for Andromeda? Unfortunately it can be safe to assume that there will be numerous possibilities. For now, we know that it will not associate with previous title events.

Producer Michael Gamble has said that they want the ending to Andromeda to be a surprise and said that this new installment is a totally different type of story line and will segregate it from the trilogy. We are not sure what to expect here but we do know that this will be a very exciting installment.


If you are as excited as we are about this new installment, you can can grab the game key for Andromeda today!